Care & Sizing

Garment Care

Our pieces are crafted with high quality, luxe materials. To prolong your garment's life, you must cherish them. Here are some advices:

Swim all you want but as soon as you can rinse your swimsuit. Ideally, soak it in cold water, this guarantees all salt and chorine is washed out. Once you've washed it, do not wring and air-dry it flat (in shade, no direct sunlight as it can make colours fade) to avoid leaving any marks and stretches. Always make sure it's completely dry before you store it, mildew can ruin your swimsuit.  
-Hand wash cold with mild soap.
-Do not machine wash.
-Do not soak or bleach.
-Do not tumble dry.
-Do not leave rolled up wet, instead rinse and dry flat in shade.
-Do not iron or dry clean (not sure if this is a thing but we thought we'd mention anyway).
-Watch out for rough surfaces.

Our fabrics are delicate and with proper care they can be worn, loved and passed on for a long time. They should be hand washed or dry cleaned but please refer to the care label attached to it as they differ and it's best to follow care instructions specific to each.

Size Guide

Some swimwear styles occasionally run small but we always mention in the product details.

XS 32 0 4
S 34 2 6
M 36 6 8
L 38 8 10
XL 40 10 12
XXL 42 12 14

Out of Stock

Because of our fabric sourcing and production process our collections are produced in limited runs. If one of our styles isn't available online, one of our partners might still have it. Send us an email to and we'll try to assist.

If you need help deciding your size, we're happy to guide you.