Carnet de Soleil

Carnet de Soleil is our Sun Diary.

Our travels, our dreams, the salt in our lives.
Our stories, their stories. The places, the women that inspire us.



Alexandra Ricci


Alexandra Ricci

Her most simple pleasures in life are a nice dinner with her family and friends at, sunset kisses on the neck, milk froth, and listening to the song of tennis balls on court while she is suntanning by the pool.

Her favourite summer escape: La Provence,  in the South of France, where I come from.

She is her happiest self when she feels free. When she doesn’t have to think about anything. So, either when she is on holiday or when she dances.

A motto or quote she lives by: Don’t forget to have fun!



Her best beach holiday: La Kima Plage at Sanary-sur-Mer, where she spends her entire summer with friends.

5 items that she always has in her beach bag: Vintage sunglasses, UNO playing cards, film camera, tweezers, just in case, you never know and an iPod.

How she styles her Sébastien: She loves to keep wearing it after a beach day, to go to a restaurant or to a sunset party. It looks extremely elegant with a long skirt or high waisted trousers and outrageously big vintage earrings!!

Her favourite sunset: With a lover!

Her must-have beach read: Françoise Sagan’s books or a stupid teenager personality test.



Travel souvenirs she cherishes most: Her souvenir pictures.

What she's wearing: Adrianne maillot in Black & Coconut, here

Find her @riccialexandra


Nina Koltchiskaia, Artist.

Her most simple pleasures in life are: Watching silent sunsets and having a good coffee.

Her favourite summer escape: Greece or Italy by the sea.

She is her happiest self in the morning.

A motto or quote she lives by: More feelings and more dreams!

Her best beach holiday: Italian creeks. She is not fond of sand beaches, but prefers rocks and pebbles.

5 items that she always has in her beach bag: A notebook to draw in with colour pencils, a poetry book, her photo camera, sunglasses, a peach!

How she styles her Sébastien: with a light silk caftan or a summer flower wrapped skirt.

Her favourite sunset: On Amorgos Island, Greece, where the giant pink sun dives into the water. And the fire sunset of the Joshua Tree desert, USA, with nothing around but roadrunners and butterflies.

What or who inspires her: The people she is surrounded by and that she loves. Flowers and the songs nature creates, when you listen to it carefully. The colours of everything.

Her must-have beach read: ‘So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away’, by Richard Brautigan

Travel souvenirs she cherishes most: The ever-changing sky colours of the Death Valley, the gold sunsets of San Francisco, the blue songs of the Russian forests and country fields, and the pink winds of Essaouira, Morocco.

What she's wearing: Zoé maillot in lavender, here

Find her @ninakoltchitskaia